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image004Next Monday (July 27th) on Chris Arnzen’s radio show Iron Sharpens Iron, James White will be debating Harold Camping on the subject of “is the church age over”. This will be one you won’t want to miss. Camping has promulgated the view that the Holy Spirit has left the churches and christians should leave their gatherings. Dr. White had written a book a few years back called Dangerous Airwaves in order to expose the dangers of this type of theology to the public since Mr. Camping has accumulated quite the gathering over the years with his Family Radio.

I remember meeting a man who was a part of this movement when I first became a Christian. I can tell you that their views can be quite persuasive especially to new believers hence a thorough response to this camp is quite needed. If you can’t make the radio broadcast, generally Iron Sharpens Iron do make the MP3 of their broadcasts available.


Written by shawnkjmcgrath

July 20, 2009 at 9:04 am

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