My brother the heretic?

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Broken-wine-tI have spent quite a few sleepless nights over the last little while pondering, once again, issues relating back to the church I am in fellowship at. I believe the issue that I find the most perplexing of all three I had recently addressed here on this blog is the thought of moving to a facility owned by a heretical group and essentially receiving a freebie from them. I have been praying for some clarity over the recent week since it has been announced that our move will take place as of the first Sunday in September. Recently, a church leader, while praying, thanked the Lord for “our brothers” in this “church” for letting us use their facility free of charge. I can’t even imagine referring to an organization that is under the anathema of God for preaching a false gospel (Galatians 1:6-8) as my “brothers” in the Lord. Needless to say this was quite a blow to the testimony of the church especially in light of what I had said previously that we are giving credibility to that organization. What greater credibility can we give to a group than to call them “brothers”? When the apostle John wrote to the “elect lady” in his 2nd epistle, he told the recipient to not “bid him God Speed” (2 John 10 KJV) who teach falsehoods concerning the faith yet we have a situation here where we are publicly calling them “brothers in the Lord”. I must come, in a sense, to the defense of this church leader because the unfortunate fact is that he is ignorant of what this organization believes and no one is educating them. There has been no warning of their teachings or even the slightest hint of educating them in order to understand what these folks teach. Of course, since he is a church leader, he should be educating himself or accumulating information in order to warn the flock but this is not what is happening. You might be thinking: “why don’t you warn them of their teachings?” To this I reply that it is not my place to do so! I know it would cause an immense uproar if I attempted to send out information about these folks to the gathering.

So why am I still so perplexed? Isn’t it obvious that I should refrain from assembling there? Well, once again, I love the people and the gathering itself. I feel like I’m abandoning them by not going. I have been speaking with a brother on this matter whom is continuously trying to present biblical reasons to attend such as Hebrews 10:25 and arguments such as our subjection to our elders. I can appreciate these arguments but to what degree are we to have subjection? Are we to continue on with the assembly when there is evidence of unfaithfulness? The truth is that I cannot help but see the testimony of the church as being ruined by this move and I can perhaps see the Lord taking away His blessing upon the gathering due to this very reason. (Rev. 2 & 3)


Written by shawnkjmcgrath

July 29, 2009 at 1:04 pm

Posted in Church Issues

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