When Cultists Attack

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cultI wanted to make one last post on the debate between Mr. Camping & Dr. White.  The Iron Sharpens Iron radio program took calls on Thursday & Friday to which the callers could interact with the debaters with their questions.  Dr.White took questions on Thursday and Mr. Camping on Friday. It is truly enlightning to see the attitude of Mr. Campings followers in light of the challenge that Dr. White made to their leader. The calls were essentially to attack Dr. White in about as well as people who are deceived by a cult leader can be. The real sad part about these calls is that they at least attempted to interact with Dr. White which is far more courtesy than Mr. Camping issued in the debate.  Of course the tone was not one of respectful interaction but of pure attack because I believe they know the circumstances of what Camping is saying. If he’s wrong then the bible is wrong. Dr. White mentionned on many instances during the last 4 days that there will be many disillussioned people when May 22/11 comes to which we pray that they will understand that it is not the bible that was in error but the poor hermeneutical methodologies utilized by Camping’s camp.


Written by shawnkjmcgrath

August 1, 2009 at 10:31 am

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