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Robert%20Schuler%20with%20BibleI was surfing the net today and visited the White Horse Inn Website where I found a very interesting article. It is a discussion between Michael Horton who is the host of the White Horse Inn and Mr. Robert Schuller who is a TV Evangelist and the Pastor of the Crystal Cathedral. I know I’m probably not with the times and this is old news however I thought it would be worth mentionning. The discussion was mainly on the subject of salvation and man’s sin to which Mr. Horton asked some rather intriguing questions and Mr. Shuller gave some interesting answers. It seems Mr. Shuller’s main preocupation is to get people to come and stay in his church hence to be the least offensive as possible even to the extent of editing the gospel to his liking.

To access the article please go here.


Written by shawnkjmcgrath

August 7, 2009 at 8:09 am

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