Lack of Ambassadorship & Testimony: Pt.1

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I am writing this post with the intention of addressing a subject that might be a little “over the top” for some people. It is a tremendously serious matter and my hope is that even though it might be a little difficult to appreciate in light of its nature that some might give it a chance. Regardless if you agree with my observations or not, I trust that the reader might gather at least some small exhortation from them. I want to mention also that my desire in posting these thoughts is neither to point the finger at any individual or group nor to elevate myself as “perfect” in this regard. I am certain that some will get this impression however it is not why I am writing. I am concerned about people and their testimony to their God as well as their witness to the world! It might be questioned from the beginning why everyone wouldn’t feel this is an important matter. The reason is that some have looked at this issue as quite simply trivial and they have felt I am being simply too serious in dealing with it. These thoughts are my opinion and I welcome and value some disagreement with my ideas.

I have for some time now examined my life as a man who struggles with the goal of attempting to please my God. I have strived at continuing to be consistent in my testimony towards others in relating, in an open way, the change that has occurred in me due to my salvation. I have tried to conform my life to be one that is honourable to the Lord in keeping with His wondrous holiness.  I have viewed over the years a gradual change in me in that my desires have been more conformed to the image of the Lord Jesus. Even though I will never be holy as God is holy, it is what I long for! All these things simply because I know that they are pleasing to Him! I know many individuals who share in this yearning and we wait patiently to see the day when we are glorified to finally have received a rest from our imperfections. What I have noticed in many circles in our Christian Society is that many do not share in my enthusiasm. I detect that many seem to have lost their “strive” at pleasing the Lord and appear content with their current state. Is it not the natural desire of those who are Christ’s to become holy as he is holy? Is it not our longing to be effective witnesses of the Lord Jesus Christ both in our gospel efforts and in our everyday living?

I have been pondering the idea as to why in our society in North America that it seems Christians, even in some faithful gatherings, have become for simple terms “soft”.  What do I mean by this? I am implying that there is, in most cases, a mass amount of “comfort” and “prosperity” that has influenced my brothers and sisters. The result of this is a group that seems to have lost sight of the zeal that once made Christianity something that was a struggle to continue in. It is in effect not taking exhortations in scripture as appeals that should be engaged as a burden on the heart of the follower.  It is quite simply being passive towards our Ambassadorship as teachers, preachers and those who “live” the Word of God. One example would be if we took the time at reflecting back at a Christian during the first three centuries after the ascension of our Lord. Being a “Christian” was an association that would bring incredible suffering and in most cases the death of the individual. Even over the course of the last two thousand years, there have been many who have given their lives for the preservation of the gospel and the word of God. I am not stating that one needs to be persecuted to the extent that some of our forefathers in the faith did. The question is would I be willing to be persecuted even unto death for the gospel and the preservation of word? It is a question that I believe that everyone should be taking into consideration.  I honestly feel that, for the most part, if the majority who profess Christ took this question into account and answered honestly they would need to do so in the negative.

What about our everyday testimony to others? I trust we have had to ask this question to ourselves on many occasions. If my life is enveloped in the world then am I truly not of the world rather than of Christ? If my entertainment is exactly as the world, my language, my virtues, my ethics, my passions or even my general thinking, how am I different than the person who is not a Christian? My observation has been that too many have become “comfortable”.  I am not insinuating that all are “comfortable” to the same degree but let’s face it, more and more our generation and the one proceeding ours is growing less and less passionate about their faith than in any other generation. The question is: why is this happening? This is the main point I want to survey in this short writing. I thought I would share my point of view regarding this matter. I want to explore a few issues that I feel are relevant to the discussion and delve into them the best I can. Once again, my wish is not to point the finger at anyone but to ponder as to why this is the case. If anything I will certainly be learning a great deal about this grave situation and I hope it will cause me to raise my effectiveness as an Ambassador of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.


Written by shawnkjmcgrath

August 18, 2009 at 3:16 pm

Posted in Discipleship

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