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I have been involved in several blogs and websites to date to which I have contributed many posts on theological issues in the realm of Christian apologetics, theology and dabbled a little in history. I’m searching for something a little different as of late. I’m simply looking for a place to just say what I want to say in a less formal way. In other words I’m simply looking to express my thoughts on the above subjects as well as my everyday Christian life without all the formalities. I just want to let it all out and not worry about anything. Of course, still being a Christian, I’m not going to go too wild but I am going to losen up and talk about what’s on my mind. I’m not planning on promoting this blog in the least since I plan on getting a little more personal and open in my thinking than I would generally.

O.k., so I talk about Apologetics and theology but where do I stand on these issues?  Well, as an apologist I’ve dealt much more in the realm of pseudo-Chrisitanity and other religons than I have with, lets say, humanistic materialistic thinking or scientific evidence. I have not dwelved deep into this world as of yet but sooner or later I’m planning on getting a good background for these issues. Of course, I have read some books by Greg Bahnsen & Cornelius Van Til which have given me some insight as to presuppositional apologetics but I haven’t jumped in any deeper than this. My background has been primarily with studying the doctrines and history of groups such as the Watchtower Society, Mormons, Roman Catholics, Seventh-Day Adventism, Islam and some other very strange folks such as the Travesser cult.  I have read alot of materials, pros & cons, in respects to the teachings of these groups. I’m a person who likes to see both sides of the tibor before I can make any real opinion of a certain organization. I have spent numerous hours discussing my beliefs with these individuals and I feel I have grown immensley in my theology because of it. I haven’t however done much “debating” over the last couple of years because I have been focusing more on teaching and ministring the gospel.

Theologically speaking, if you’re wondering about the title of the blog, I am, from a soteriological standpoint, a 5 point Calvinist hence I believe in Total depravity, unconditional election, particular redemption, effectual grace and the perseverance of the Saints. The term “elect” is found many places in scripture and perhaps in a future post I will expand my biblical understanding of this. I believe the Christian Scritpures are the infallible rule of faith for the people of God. I believe it is inspired of God no matter what Bart Eerdman or Muslims say. I am a believer in the doctrine of the Trinity and the Deity of Christ. If you are going to disagree with me on this, please make sure you have a proper definition and understanding of this doctrine before posting your disagreements with me. I believe that the “church/assembly” consist of those who are believers. I’m quite opposed to sectarianism however I don’t really promote the whole notion that we need to hold hands with people who are doctrinally unsound. In regards to my eschatology, well, I will just say that I’m not an eschatologist however I am currently looking into the issues. I might even post some of my findings and let people attack me so I can see if my findings will hold any grounds when critiqued.

Anyhow, I truly hope you enjoy this blog and I welcome all your comments


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July 2, 2009 at 9:31 pm

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