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Happy 500th Birthday John Calvin

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calvin-500Today is the 500th anniversary of the birth of the great reformer John Calvin. There are those who may find this post a little irrelevant and even bizarre seeing that most people don’t care about remembering the birthday of a man who has passed away many hundreds of years ago. I can certainly appreciate that some will be indifferent however some will appreciate, even for just a moment, the devotion and genius of Mr. John Calvin. I know that this is not Michael Jackson with whom the world seems obssessed these days because of  his passing on but an old theologian/pastor/preacher/teacher/writer/worshipper of Godwho lived in Geneva hence who cares right? Wrong! Calvin may not be the king of pop but he  left us with a far greater influence than most even realize. From theology to politics to language, Calvin was a great innovator of his time and one of the leaders of the great protestant reformation! For Christians, he has left us with some incredible amounts of literature that are still to this day are a tremend blessing.   

O.k., I’m not saying that we should be having a huge party to remember Mr. Calvin or break out the berets while having a parade in your city but let me make a few suggestions to what you could do today in order to remember Mr. Calvin.

  1. Today, you could devote a few weeks reading over his masterpiece “Institutes of the Christian Religion“.
  2. You could spend a few moments trying to understand the doctrines that have his name attached to them.rfg
  3. You could listen to the latest edition of “Radio Free Geneva“, the live streaming broadcast by James White and the see the emotional reaction that most have to some biblical principles that John Calvin’s name is associated with.
  4. You could grow a long thin beard, lose alot of weight and learn to speak french.

Whatever it might be, whether you like him or not, he was one of the most influencial theologian in the history of Christianity. Of course, there are those who will only remember the events surrounding Calvin & Servetus. These folks usually dont’ know the whole story and pass Calvin out to be a barbaric murderer. All I am asking if  please try to be at least a little respectful and don’t be those who are going to go rampant in remembering his unfortunate flaws as a fallible human being.


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July 10, 2009 at 11:34 am

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