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Piper on Romans 9…A Classic!

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john-piperI have been listening to John Piper for a few years now and I have tremendously enjoyed his preaching. It is rare to hear an individual preach so passionately like he does while retaining a balanced exegetical ability to teach the text especially in an expositional fashion.  One talk that he did several years ago was an introduction to a series of talks he was giving on Romans 9. As most know, this is a wonderful text and Piper has spent much time studying it. He had written a book called “The Justification of God” which he deals with this beautiful chapter in much detail. I have listened to this talk on several occasions and it has moved me each and everytime I have played it. I thought that perhaps some might find this to be a blessing and an encouragement since it has certainly been so for me. Please feel free to listen here.


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September 19, 2009 at 9:55 am

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